Public contract law


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The new public contract’s legislative framework, effect of the transposition of community directives, adopted a comprehensive approach to a global legislative reform (affecting, in particular, the contractor’s classification system, the accreditation means for the requirements imposed in order to contract with the public sector, and the procurement procedures). This necessarily means, for both public and private agents, a readjustment to the new public contract rules.

To this day, the experience acquired in this area  by the COMAS law firm team puts them in a privileged position to undertake the challenge of assisting individuals and administrations with issues concerning the new public contract law. This practice, consists, among others, in the performance of the following tasks:

    • Bid data sheet development. 
    • Preparation of tender documentation for public contracts.
    • Legal assistance and dispute resolution regarding the criteria for contractor selection. 
    • Resolution of incidents related to public contracting procedures 
    • Legal assistance in administrative litigation processes concerning public contracting.
    • Reports and opinions on the subject.