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The concern of the public administration to promote a business model that is respectful, among others, to the principle of preservation of the compact city, also complex and socially cohesive, which avoids the creation of suburban business clusters and seeks to promote the balance between the different commercial formats of the establishments often opposes the legitimate interests of private individuals covered by the freedom of enterprise, competition and establishment.

The legal advice provided on this matter requires a thorough knowledge of the community, national, and regional legislation, from a practical perspective based on previous experience.

COMAS law firm counts on a team of professionals who can successfully face the tasks specified below:

    • Technical and legal advice in the implementation processes, relocation or expansion of large and medium-sized commercial establishments.
    • Technical and legal assistance in the drafting of commercial equipment guidance programs.
    • Technical and legal assistance in the drafting of spatial planning for commercial establishments.
    • Advising municipalities with the drafting of municipal regulations meant to promote economical activities.