Administrative procedure litigation law


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The jurisdiction of the administrative courts, originally conceived to specialize in the resolution of a limited number of legal disputes, has developed into a generalized system of control of the Administration’s activity, currently saturated, as a result of the extraordinary increase of litigation cases between citizens and the Administration and between the public administration entities themselves.

Today, the exercise of the judicial review of the public administration performance (the administration’s activity, in a material sense, the approval of regulations, administrative acts, public contracts, public service activity, trading activities, inactivity, omission of mandatory performance, etc.), has become a type of practice that requires a certain level of expertise on the part of the professionals that carry it, considering the complexity of the administrative law in general, and the procedural rules in particular.

The Firm provides to its clients, both public and private, a legal defense of their interests in the administrative court, supported by the training, education and experience of the COMAS’ professionals in the subject.