Comas law firm deals with its clients in a personalized, direct and agile way, and prizes and bases its activity on the values of diligence, commitment and professional ethics. The quest for a high quality service delivery is an unceasing obsession for us, and the need to be creative and to own the victory over ourselves is the driving force behind the project that makes us worthy of the trust of our customers.

In the context of a society based on a constitutional state, lawyers play an essential role. The duty of a lawyer is not limited to a faithful performance of the tasks assigned to him, regarding the applicable law. As determined by the Code of Conduct for Lawyers in the European Union (adopted at the CCBE Plenary Session held on 1988 and amended during the CCBE Plenary Sessions on the 28th of November of 1998 and on the 6th of December of 2002), a lawyer must serve the interests of justice, as well as the rights and freedoms he was entrusted with in order to defend and enforce them. His duty not only consists of pleading his client’s  cause but also, in the same way, to act has its correspondent. 

Therefore, a lawyer's role implies a series of legal and moral obligations that should never be overlooked. Considering this premise, the vision and the fundamental and inalienable values we stand for are the ones stated below.


Commitment to the services provided to the client

For us, the commitment to the services provided to our clients shouldn’t solely mean the demand of an accurate technical performance, but should also comprehend an ongoing dedication to the client, a commitment to protect his interests and to understand, both globally and specifically, their goals and their needs, providing, at all times, the most appropriate solutions.


Personalized attention

The technical and creative component alone, doesn’t define our vision. Inevitably, it also has to be taken into consideration, the personal factor. Indeed, we cannot conceive our practice without the presence of a personal relationship of trust with the client, essential in the work or our firm, programmed and directed to meet his particular needs.


Commitment to quality services 

Our firm provides a professional and high quality service, to the point where our clients obtain, at all times, the most suitable and effective solutions to their matters. In line with our commitment, the continuing education of all professionals working or collaborating with the firm is a constant concern for us.


Professional ethics

The firm’s commitment to an ethical conduct does not arise exclusively from a policy of strict compliance with the law, but also from a requirement of professional responsibility and accountability, in order to secure our professionals and collaborators’ conducts and avoid any type of action that may be regarded as ethically or deontologically questionable.



The clearest expression of this principle consists in the fact that our client’s legitimate interests stand above any other goals. 

From an internal perspective, friendship, solidarity and mutual respect are the pillars supporting the relations of the firm’s professionals and collaborators.



The firm’s personnel work together in a dynamic of respect for their peers, customers, third parties, opponents, Courts and Administration. Therefore, practicing with disregard for other people’s points of view and position would be inconceivable for COMAS law firm


Professional secrecy

The obligation to keep client’s matters, communications and facts confidential is inexcusable and mirrors the firm’s awareness of the true meaning and transcendency of this deontological principle.