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Welcome to the COMAS law firm’s website, a company specialized in the provision of professional legal services in areas related to administrative and urbanistic law.

COMAS law firm stands as a creative and determined professional project, based on fundamental principles that constitute its cornerstone and having as its ultimate goal the provision of a personalized quality service that meets the different needs of its customers.



Nowadays, the practice of administrative law cannot be conceived without considering certain interrelationships, often narrow and complex, with other disciplines, both legal and technical.

This reflection is strengthened when you take into account the role of a urban planning lawyer or a territorial and environmental legal expert. In truth, the urban system, when defined in a systemic way, as a subsystem of the ecological system (relationship between human population dynamics and the natural environment) and the ecological system as a subsystem of the social system, can be described as the system that explains the creation , modification and maintenance of human settlements.

COMAS law firm, aware of the complex reality of administrative law and, in particular, of urban planning law, counts on the cooperation of not only a highly qualified legal team who embodies the essence of the firm, but also a crew of external collaborators specialized in architecture, engineering, economics and environment, allowing the firm to offer a coordinated, multidisciplinary service to its customers, consistent in all its tasks. 

The provision of Legal services and advice in urban planning, environment and natural resources is the main activity of the firm. However, the firm also provides services in the fields of eminent domain, administrative liability, public contract law, government economic intervention, local public administration and administrative organization, public goods and services, commercial equipment, sanctioning administrative law, administrative procedure litigation law and legal advisory and real estate intermediation.